Embraced by the natural beauty of Wulai, surrounded by the misty cloud;

Pauselandis Hot Spring Resort at Yenti -a true refined and elegant resort hotel.

  • Address:No.88, Sec. 5, Xinwu Rd., Wulai Dist., New Taipei City 233, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

    Phone:02-2661-8000 Fax:02-2661-8080


    By Public Transportation

    Take MRT to MRT Xindian Station 【849Taipei Railway Station-Wulai】

    Bus【849 Taipei Railway Station-Wulai】
    Route:Roseville Rd, Beixin Rd.【Taida Hospital、National Taiwan Normal University、Gongguan、Jingmei、Dapinglin、Xindian District Office and Xindian Station, etc.】

    Bus schedule:
    Weekday:every 10-20min per shift.
    Weekend/Holiday:every 10-15min per shift.
    get off at Yenti Station- the third last stop.

    Departing from Taipi 【National Taiwan University Hospital】 to 【Yenti station】
    —First shift: 05:30—Last shift: 21:40—Customer service: 02-22171448

    Departing from Wulai Parking Lot【Wulai station】to Taipei【National Taiwan University Hospital】
    —First shift: 05:30—Last shift: 21:40—Customer service: 02-22171448

  • By Car

    【Departing from Taipei】
    From Roosevelt North Road heading Jimei direction, connect to Xinbei Road of Xindian then Beiyi Road all the way to Qingtan, steer right to connect to the Highway 9A, (Xinwu Road) . There are direction signs significantly marked along the way. Hua Yuan Xin Chen, Quchi, Swallow Lake, the Red River Valley and other scenic areas are along the way to Wulai Scenic Recreational Area.

    【Departing from the Keelung】
    Take South bound Freeway 1, connect to the North bound Freeway 3 right after passing the Keelung Toll Station; exit at the Xindian Interchange, turn right onto Zhongxing Road, and then connect to Provincial highway 9 (Beiyi Road), make right onto Provincial highway 9A line (Xinwu Road) and arrive destination.

    【Departing from the East Coast】
    Visitors from the east coast can take Provincial highway 9 (Beiyi highway) all the way through Chiaohsi, Pinglin , Xiao Ge Tou to Qingtan and steer left to Provicial Highway 9A (Xinwu Rd), and arrive destination.

    【Departing from the Middle and Southern Area】
    Take Freeway 1 to Hsinchu and connect to Freeway 3 , exit at the Xindian interchange , turn right on Zhongxing Road, and connect to Provincial highway 9 (Beiyi Road) to Qingtan station then steer right to Provicial Highway 9A (Xinwu Road), and arrive destination.